Cherrie Mackey Memorial Scholarship

Cherrie Mackey

Cherrie Mackey ~ May 1, 1960 - November 12, 2014

Greetings Friends of DFWCITIWomen,

DFWCITIWomen is pleased to announce the CHERRIE MACKEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (CCMS)  fund will award it's inaugural $1,000.00 academic scholarship, April 14, 2018.  This scholarship commemorates the lifetime mission and ministry of "Cherrie Mackey".  Cherrie is fondly remembered for her enormous contribution of administrative excellence to DFWCITIWomen and her mission to support women with "Clearly She Has Issues" ministry and peer support groups.  Cherrie believed a higher education would certainly relieve the underserved population of some of its "issues" through a financial contribution.  She was an advocate for the pursuit of higher level academic achievement.  In appreciation of Cherrie's contributions to DFWCITIWomen and the impact she made on countless lives, we are proud to present the "Cherrie Mackey Memorial Scholarship".


Scholarship Title: Cherrie Mackey Memorial Scholarship

Donated by: DFWCITIWomen

Number Available (annually) 1

Amount: $1,000

Application Deadline: 

*Early Bird ~ January 15, 2018

Early Bird Resubmission ~ February 1, 2018

*All early bird submissions receive an administrative review of

 application to ensure accuracy and compliance with scholarship requirements

 Final  ~ March 1, 2018

Winner Announced - March 20, 2018

Scholarship Awarded - April 14, 2018


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Scholarship Application 2018