Butterfly Release

ReleaseDFWCITIWomen “Butterfly Release", is an initiative to support female ex-offenders returning to DFW from local/state and Federal Prison.


When women are incarcerated, the myriad of losses are often traumatic.  Losing children to legal systems, family relationships, housing and personal items are just some of their physical losses.  We have witnessed the overwhelming anxieties some women experience because of the uncertainties of acquiring just basic necessities. 

We’re looking for “TRANSFORMERS”.  You can become a part of the transformation process by helping us welcome mothers, sisters, and wives home with release day attire, hygiene kits and resources.  Your contributions to this cause will make a difference in the transformation of women reentering society who need a fresh start.  You can help support this cause by sponsoring a release or  to partner with us donate:

· Gently worn clothing

· New underwear & sports bras

· Shoes and socks

· Basic hygiene kits (bath soap; deodorant; toothpaste; toothbrush; hair comb and brush)

· Tax deductible monetary donations

Send your donations or inquiries to:


Attn: Butterfly Release Initiative

2701 W. Berry Street

Fort Worth, TX  76109

Email: info@dfwcitiwomen.org