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CITIWomen has changed my life! Walking through Lifestyle Management classes, Bible study, mentorship and prayer changed my life allowing me to be almost 5 years clean becoming the mom, student, sponsor and daughter of the King that I am today! ~A.S.

DFWCITIWomen Empowerment Network helps Transform our Communities

DFWCITIWomen is a community outreach network women’s organization which exist to provide programs, services and resources to promote individual and community empowerment.  We are committed and on a mission to empower at risk women and their families with tools and resources to help create opportunities that enhance the quality of life. 

We seek to:

  • Equip women with life changing enhancement tools.

  • Promote economic development to eradicate poverty 

  • Support and provide access to higher and/or continuing education

  • Provide and/or refer coaching/mentoring counseling services 

  • Increase awareness of community health and human services for women


Serving Our Communities

Mentoring*Coaching Counseling for Individuals and Families

Helping Needy Families

Training*Seminars* Conference

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Cherrie Mackey Memorial Scholarship

$1,000.00 Academic Scholarship!

This scholarship commemorates the lifetime mission and ministry of “Cherrie Mackey”.  Cherrie is fondly remembered for her enormous contribution of administrative excellence to DFWCITIWomen and her mission to support women with “Clearly She Has Issues” ministry and peer support groups.

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DFWCITIWomen Community Outreach Practitioners and Individual Empowerment Advocates help you navigate your personal success journey while building stronger; thriving communities everywhere.