Love & Truth Fellowship College Network

Mission :

The mission of L&TF Network Outreach Ministry is to “Provide continued guidance, positive relationships, and basic, support services”.  DFWCITIWomen partners with Love & Truth Fellowship to assist with:


  • Quarterly, lifestyle necessity care packages
  • Dorm decorum for first-year students
  • Gift cards (clothing, gas, food, etc.)
  • Special occasions cards
  • College books, printers, and other supplies
  • Support for milestone event

Partner With Us

We are looking for partners, sponsors, as well as committee volunteers to help with this project. Contact Vera Ruffin at [email protected] for more information and to find out how you can help.

Get Involved

The Love and Truth Fellowship Outreach Initiative (L&TF) starts every Fall in August. To qualify for the L&TF Outreach Initiative, each enrolled college student must:

  • Be single; unmarried
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Submit each semester’s official grades and official class schedule
  • Complete each semester’s progress report provided by L&TF with supporting documents
  • Be active with our accountability coach

There will be occasional group meetings during school breaks for local students and one-on-one conference calls for distant students for further enrichment as needed. 

More Information

  • To learn more about the Love and Truth Fellowship  Initiative, click L&TF Vision, Mission & Funding.

  • To enroll in the L&T Fellowship,  submit the initial verification form: L&T Initial Verification Form  starting August 15th. The deadline for the Initial Verification form is September 15th.

  • Returning students may requalify for the Spring and Summer semesters by submitting the Progress Report and supporting official documentation, click L&TF Progress Report L&T Progress Report

All forms and documents should be emailed to [email protected] and cc:  [email protected] 

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